Teaching during quarantine

DH@SDSU is here to support & enhance your virtual teaching.

The following is a curated list of resources that DH@SDSU provides to faculty for fall 2020 instruction, to support the virtual shift and build community around and through digital humanities.

Part I: Incorporate a Tool

Digital Humanities employs digital tools, methods, and practices into all stages of learning.
DH@SDSU can help you incorporate digital tools into your course without having to become an expert yourself. Here is a list of digital tools that DH faculty have taught and which DH@SDSU can assist in implementing into your class.

Part II: Teach Students to think critically about digital technology & culture

Digital Humanities is not just about using tools and making digital projects but also about thinking critically and ethically about the digital.
DH@SDSU can help you incorporate critical-thinking lessons, both by sharing resources (readings, videos, projects, etc.) and also offering to collaborate and share expertise.

Part III: Virtual Programming

DH@SDSU always offers tons of free programming throughout the year– from scholarly lectures to tools workshops, faculty reading groups to book talks– and 2020-2021 is no different. What is different is that Fall 2020 programming will be online. That means it will be even easier to include these events in your syllabus!