Critical Thinking

Digital Humanities is not just about using tools and making digital projects but also about learning to think critically and ethically about the digital.

Teaching students to think critically and historically about digital tools and culture has never been more important. In an age of fake news, algorithmic culture, and virtual instruction, digital literacy is no longer an option; digital literacy is literacy. We must recognize how media inform message, and we must teach our students to do the same.

The following resources can help you implement such lessons into your classes and inspire you to think of new ways to teach digital literacy. This list has been created and/or curated by DH faculty, who have taught these lessons in their classes. The following is a list of lessons, texts, and external sites to visit to assist you in incorporating lessons that teach students to think critically about the digital. DH@SDSU can assist you in doing the same. Click on a topic below to see lesson plans, sample student projects, videos, reading suggestions, etc. Also listed is a faculty point of contact associated with each lesson. (Listed alphabetically)