Podcasting is the recording of episodic digital audio files that a user can download. SDSU’s Digital Humanities Center has two DIY Podcasting studios that contain include USB microphones (2), Pop filters (2), Wrap around headphones (3), and Table-top “whisper room” sound proofing (2). Though this equipment is not available during quarantine, the DHC and DH@SDSU do offer support for incorporating podcasting into your classes and teaching your students to use podcasting for assignments.


Student Example:

  • “Coronavirus and the Common Good” is a podcast created by a cohort of doctoral students who completed their public digital humanities podcasting institute through DH@SDSU and the National Humanities Center.
  • Description of podcast: COVID-19 has shaken our definition of the common good, to say the least. The pandemic and ensuing lockdowns have generated a number of arguments over what best serves the common good: should one go to work and risk spreading infection, or stay home and risk losing income and health benefits? Should we, as a society, prioritize the lives of our elderly and vulnerable, or prioritize reopening the economy at any cost? Is it wiser to go “back to normal” as soon as possible, or to radically redefine what “normal” means? In short, what is the common good, and how do we promote it in the midst of a pandemic? In this podcast, three humanities PhD students discuss a few philosophical, literary, and cultural approaches to these still-raging debates.
  • Credits: This episode was written, recorded, and produced by Megan Cole (English PhD Student at UC Irvine), Beshara Khedi (Cultural Studies PhD Student at UC Davis), and JiMin Kwon (Philosophy PhD Student at UC San Diego) while participating in the Regional Institute for Graduate Students hosted by the National Humanities Center and the Digital Humanities Center of San Diego State University on June 15-19, 2020.

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